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The UNITED FILIPINO CANADIAN ASSOCIATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA (UFCABC)  was established in 2015 from among over 40 registered British Columbian societies in the Canadian-Filipino community.


It was an offshoot of the previous Pista ng Bayan Society that organized Philippine Independence Day events in Vancouver for years prior under the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver including the Annual Independence Day Gala and the "Pista ng Bayan" outdoor event.


The creation of the UFCABC highlighted the maturing of the Filipino Community in Vancouver to stand on its own and to be able to deliver these event as truly community driven.


 President | Joel Castillo

1st Vice President | Rey Fortaleza

2nd Vice President | Arcie Lim

Secretary | Janice Lozano

1st Treasurer | Bert Parungao

2nd Treasurer | Merlina Fayusal

Auditor | Agnes Uguil

PRO | Mel Abonita

Sgt-At-Arm | Leo Ocampo

Sgt-At-Arm | Rene Bahena

Business Manager | Rudy Tuliao

Business Manager | Salve Dayao

Business Manager | Mylene Lim

Business Manager | Arnedo Lucas


Mary Ann Velayo

Clifford Belgica

Ching Colobong

Rene Alcantara

Amado Mercado Sr.

Annie Miles

Cris Sotana

Mirasol Kahila

Shailene Caparas

George Gutierrez

Jose Ampeso

Robert Azana

Anthony Remedios, Legal Adviser



Victoria | Annette Beech

Maple Ridge | Liza Pacio

Fort St. John | Ovvian Castrillo-Hill

Kamloops | Dr. Felian Cabael

Prince George | Lorenzo Sia





Aklanon Sto. Nino Association of BC | Luz Mcgillivray

/ Kirv Martelino

Antiqueno Cultural Association of BC | Mirasol Kahila

Aritao Association of Seattle and Vancouver  | Joel Castillo

Batangas Community of BC | Mario Hernandez

Batangas Club of BC | Buena Kilala Chua

Bayanihan Cultural Housing Society (BCHS) | Annette Beech

Benguet Society of British Columbia | Cliff  Belgica / Bruce Ganase

BIBAK Association of BC  | Cliff Belgica

/ Arnold Dalluyon / Albert Martin / Justice Bentayen

Bicol Association of BC | Mel Abonita

Catanduanes International Association of BC | Rene Alcantara

Cebuano Society of BC | Antonio Ortega

Circulo Cagayano Association of BC | Rudy Tuliao

/ Ching Colobong

Circulo Pampangueno Association of BC | Arcie Lim

/ Christian Cunanan

Filipino Association of BC (FABC)  | Celyna Sia-Sherst

Filipino Canadian Construction Society of BC | Amado Mercado

Filipino Canadian Heritage Society of BC  | Primarosa Roine

/ Rey Fortaleza / Janice Lozano

Filipino Patriot Society of BC | Rene Bahena

Filipino Seniors Club of BC | Ana Marie Butcher

Negrense Association of BC | Cris Sotana

New Westminster Philippine Festival Society | Salve Dayao

North Peace Filipino Canadian Association | Ovvian Castrillo-Hill

Marinduque Society of BC | Anicia Miles

Philippine Canada Trade Council (PCTC) | Arnedo Lucas

Philippine Asian Chronicle | Janice Lozano

Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Vancouver Canada | Bert Parungao / Shailene Caparas

/  Ernesto Ong

Philippines Historama Association of BC | Clifford Belgica / Bert Parungao / Ernesto Ong / Ching Colobong / Rudy Tuliao / Haydee Del Pedro / Janice Lozano / Rene Alcantara / George Gutierrez

Pinoy Buzz | Janice Lozano

Pinoy Canada BC | Carmela del Rosario

Pinoy Pride Vancouver Society | Gary Lising / Virgilio Hilario

Prince George Filipino Canadian Association | Lorenzo Sia

Radyo Pinoy BC | Leo Ocampo

Reyfort Media Group | Rey Fortaleza

Rinconada Association of BC | Mel Abonita

Rotary Club of Vancouver Mountainview | Mary Anne Velayo

Royal Sister City Society of BC | Anicia Miles

Saint Mary University Alumni Association of BC | George Gutierrez / Joel Castillo

San Fabian Society of BC  | Ester Monses

Santa Maria Association of BC  | Ompong Gayap

Sambayanang Pilipino of BC | Rudy Tuliao

SeedCare International Ministries  | Shailene Caparas

SOCCSKSARGEN Association of BC  | Haydee del Pedro

United Masskara Association of BC | Agnes Uguil

University of the Philippines Allumni Association in BC | Anita Aytona / Mylene Villanueva-Lim

Victorian Filipino Canadian Association (VFCA) | Annette Beech

Victorian Filipino Canadian Caregiver Association (VFCCA) | Annette Beech

Victorian Filipino Canadian Seniors Association (VFCSA) |

Annette Beech

Zambales Society in BC | Merlina Fayusal

The Purposes of the Society are:

1. To instill a sense of unity, commemoration and cooperation among all Canadians of Filipino descent.

2. To be a unifying and coordinating force in preserving and showcasing the rich culture, heritage, tradition and way of life of the Filipino people and in moving forward a distinct Filipino-Canadian identity in the multicultural fabric of the province of British Columbia.

3. To celebrate the individuality of all established Filipino-Canadian organizations in British Columbia and build upon common interests and goals.

4. To help provide cultural and recreational activities to continuously build up a harmonious relationship among Filipino-Canadians in British Columbia.

5. To spearhead and coordinate all joint socio-cultural activities of Filipino-Canadian organizations including fund raising endeavors.

6. To conduct community forums, meetings and discussions on vital local, national and international issues that affect the Filipino-Canadians in British Columbia.

7. To work toward the building of a common place where Filipinos can gather, socialize, share ideas and discuss issues beneficial for their future being.

8. To assist citizens of the Philippines through registered charitable organizations in times of distress and emergencies.

9. To cooperate with international and intercultural groups to advance the concept of multiculturalism.

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